About Yossi

Bespoke tailoring is a hand-sewn garment, custom-made to the customer's requirements. With over 30 years of craftsmanship experience, Y. Moyal's shirts are of the very finest quality,


Customers can choose from our large selection of fabrics. We carry the very best in 100% cotton Italian imported Fabrics. Whether you’re about to buy your first custom hand made shirt or you’re thinking of adding another one to your collection,There’s no one better just check our testimonials

My History

 I've been in the business of tailoring for 30 years. My parents were both tailors and after school I would visit them and my father would have me help him cut the threads off the garments he was sewing. Over time, he increased my responsibilities and by the time I was 20, I was working with my father full-time. Later, my father sent me to McGill where I obtained a diploma in fashion design, and once I graduated I opened a store in partnership with him. Today, I'm proud to say I owe my success to my father for being so patient with me.